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Town of Crow Head

Twillingate Island, Newfoundland


Crow Head - is a small out port town on the north Twillingate Island, of some two hundred and twenty residents. It is situated 1.7 kilometers (or 1 mile) from the end of Route 340 - where you arrive at the picturesque Long Point Lighthouse, built in 1875.  Crow Head is now the proud owner of the Long Point Light Station, receiving the land, turned over from the Federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans on Feb.24, 2005, and is recognized as a Federal Heritage Building.

The Long Point Viewing platform is a project developed by the Twillingate Islands Tourism Association (TITA).  Along side of the Lighthouse, accessible by a long covered walkway, is the original residence of the lighthouse keepers (named a Heritage Building), and accompanying equipment houses.  There is plenty of vehicle parking including Bus Tours.  Beautiful hiking trails lead down to Sea Breeze Park and other areas listed below.     

A view from the Platform


(Photo by Ken Howell )

The Country Outport - craft shop, with its displays of interesting articles with a pleasant atmosphere conducive to tourists visiting the Viewing Platform opposite the Light House Residence.  The Craft Shop is located to the left on entrance to the parking area.

Crow Head is also the home of the ever popular "All Around the Circle Dinner Theatre" -

( an exceptional theatre / musical group) - and held at the John Hamlyn Community Centre - approximate dates from June through early September.


                                                                        (Photo by K. Howell)

Included within the town’s boundaries are;

1. The Sleepy Cove Copper Mine, - In operation from 1910 - 1920 - Visit the Town office for      more information.

2. Rock Formations - i.e.- Queen Victoria Profile, Gorilla Head, Head of a man.

3. Sea Breeze Municipal Park -  COME VISIT WITH YOUR SELF CONTAINED RECREATIONAL VEHICLES.  For only a nominal fee for overnight parking, you will never find a more enticing spot in all of Newfoundland.  The VIEW is simply BREATHTAKING.   A popular spot for daytime and over night camping - with future plans of expansion to a full camping / RV site - meeting all Registered codes. 



One of the parking spots for vehicles. -    (photos by K.H.)

Crow Head also has  -                   

4. Hiking trails ( all ending at the beach )

5. Other beaches -

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