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Twillingate is a busy little town year round and the locals are never bored. Summer, however, brings a different sort of bustle as the vacation homes fill up with tourists. Many are returning Newfoundlanders, but far more are visitors lured here by the promise of rest and relaxation in an idyllic setting as peaceful as it is picturesque.

The annual Fish Fun and Folk Festival is a week long event that celebrates the Newfoundland culture and history with fine foods – plenty of fish dishes – music, entertainment, and the display and sale of traditional and non-traditional crafts. The town is packed.

Many tourists, however, stay on after the festival to enjoy a return to the calm and quiet atmosphere more in keeping with the natural ebb and flow of activities that locals enjoy daily. Rent a kayak and explore our rugged coastline. Several beaches are suitable for sunbathing. A brisk dip in the cold North Atlantic – not for the faint of heart – invigorates the body and rejuvenates the soul. Pick berries, catch a fish. The food fishery is open for three weeks during the summer and again for a week in the fall. Take the kids beachcombing and tuck pieces of shell and bits of coral and mermaid tears into your pocket. Pack a picnic lunch and head out for a hike. Explore one of the many cemeteries and wonder at the untold stories in the epitaph etched deep into old stone. Visit the churches, the museums and the lighthouse with its recent Titanic display.

Several venues offer live entertainment during the evening hours: amateur theatre, gospel, blues, and traditional music. Or throw a few darts at the local pub. Surely, there is something here for everyone!