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Watch Icebergs and Whales while walking the scenic trails surrounding Long Point Lighthouse.
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Stay a spell! Relax overnight in Twillingate, at one of our many B&B’s, Vacation Homes and Hotels.
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Hungry? Try traditional meals like Jiggs Dinner, or some of the finest Seafood in Canada.
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There’s never a boring moment in Twillingate, with Kayaking, Hiking Boat Tours, Plays, Gallery's and more.

Hiking Trails

Twillingate is home to some of the most scenic views in Newfoundland, and according to some, the world. Come explore the rugged coastline, or challenge yourself on some of our cliffs, maybe you will catch a glimpse of an iceberg along the way!


We aren't touted as the "Iceberg Capital of the World" for nothing! Each spring we are visited by many of these majestic natural wonders. Enjoy the view from the shore, or catch a ride on one of the many boat tours offered in town for an up close and personal experience!

Long Point Lighthouse

Constructed in 1876, our lighthouse is definitely a must see attraction for visitors to the area. Located in Crow Head, it sits three hundred and thirty one feet above sea level! Stop by for a tour and take in the view, it will take your breath away, we promise!

Whales & Wildlife

There are many species of whale that happily make the waters off the coast of Twillingate their playground. A favorite of most is the humpback, but minke, fin and pilot whales are often common sights as well. Hop aboard for a boat tour and keep your eyes open for these magnificent creatures! If you are really lucky, you might get to play tag with a pod of Atlantic dolphins!

Eco Tourism

Get in touch with nature as you hike the overgrown trail to the beautiful natural arch, located in the charming community of Little Harbour. Enjoy the serenity of watching the sun rise and fall over hills covered in wild blueberry and patridgeberry patches. Twillingate offers guests the opportunity to connect with nature at every turn.

Shows & Events

When it comes to entertainment, Twillingate has a lot to boast about. From live musical performances, to local theater shows, we have it all. Twillingate also offers several art galleries and museums to peruse at your own pace while you are with us!

Top Ten Trail In Canada! Readers Digest

From the amazing rocky cliffs of Spiller’s Cove to the iconic Long Point Lighthouse and the 360-degree panoramic view atop the Twillingate trail, this engaging corner of Newfoundland and Labrador gives hikers plenty of postcard worthy moments.
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About Us

The Twillingate Islands Tourism Association Inc. (TITA) is a non-profit organization specializing in the development of the Twillingate tourism industry through its membership. Our mandate is to promote the beautiful island of Twillingate as one of the best tourism destinations in Newfoundland and Labrador. The association works to preserve and protect the remaining historic sites and properties on Twillingate Islands. Please take the time to check out the work of TITA and to explore the picturesque island of Twillingate.

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